Course Length:

1 day


The programme is designed to identify and manage the resolution of personal conflict between individuals or teams. The main focus is on the workplace, although the same principles can be used elsewhere. Business teams and leaders are equipped with a range of skills and strategies which will help them to manage and resolve the inevitable conflicts which are part of any business process.


  • Understand the main sources of conflict
  • Analyse and understand the nature of conflicts
  • Describing appropriate techniques to manage conflict
  • Implementing skills and strategies to manage and resolve conflict
  • Develop the confidence to tackle conflict effectively  Developing the attributes of a good conflict leader
  • Handling customer complaints

Course Content

  • Putting Conflict into Perspective
  • Reasons why conflicts develop
  • A personal view of conflict and conflict resolution
  • Emotions involved in a conflict situation
  • Identifying and addressing factors which escalate conflict
  • Exploring Diversity when Dealing with Internal and External Customers
  • Exploring cultural differences in our diverse South African society
  • Addressing barriers to diversity
  • Discrimination
  • Developing the Core Skills Needed to successfully prevent and resolve Conflict
  • Communicating effectively as a means of preventing and managing conflict
  • Active listening
  • Adapting to individual Personality Types as a conflict resolution skill
  • Applying assertiveness skills to resolve conflict
  • Dealing with Customer Complaints
  • Basic principles for handling the irate customer